1 month

today is has been exactly one month since I left LA. ah. And I have no more intelligentsia beans.
In some ways, I feel like I have been living in Berkeley for ages, possibly because it feels similar to silverlake (just waaay bigger than I tiny strip of sunset blvd) A few people have asked if coming here was ‘culture shock’. um, no not in the least.
In other ways, I still feel like such a newbie because I don’t know where anything is (except for the important things like a candy store) and because I am adjusting to living alone and being alone a lot more than usual. Its kinda nice at times, like a little kids dream of “getting to do whatever I want” and eating candy for dinner aka 2 nights ago. I did the unthinkable this week, and took my clothes to a laundry place where they wash and fold it for you. Yeah. Since I am working now, I figure its money well spent because I do not need to hang out at the awesome laundromat. This little habit wont happen all the time, but it really a nice thing.
Its only been a month of riding my bike, but I am developing thighs of steel! All those muscles I used to have from ballet, well the two or three, are starting to show again…the joy! So long as I don’t end up looking like body builder wonder woman thats fine by me. Stretching would be a good habit to get into, but I can guarantee that wont happen.
Costal cleanup at the Berkeley marina this fine AM got me out of the house and to the marina where I had never been. Lots and lots of trash, mostly in the form of class and broken bottles versus the plastic you would see at an LA beach. And tonight I have a ticket to see Michael Moore speak, which should most definitely be interesting.
Work has begun, and I am quite excited to be having a bit of an income again, so the guilt over spending $4 on coffee will shortly dissipate, and I can get others to do my laundry on a more regular basis. Hah!

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