birthdays are best

I spent the last hours of my 22nd year on earth sleeping, like any responsible student would be doing.
I spent the first day of my 23rd year surrounded by a group of lovely people.
I ate dessert for every meal (chocolate covered gummy bears for breakfast, a cinnamon bun and a dove bar for lunch, and a chocolate mousse cake with raspberry sauce for dinner)
I had too much cider and tequila for a school night (like any responsible student)
Needless to say, I have had enough sugar and booze to last for a fair amount of time, and I am never drinking or eating dessert ever again. LIES.
I attempted to play trivia, but was distracted by a Dwight Schrute-like figure in the corner
I danced…and sang. And I never sing in public.
I had some random and probably very amusing conversations with people.
I got some awesome presents from awesome people who already seem to know my likes and dislikes (cupcakes, candy, cooking, wine, trinkets, socks…and mustaches).
I got to wear a tank top *first time my arms have seen the light of day in three weeks*
I spent the second day of my 23rd year hating life and sleepwalking my way through campus, participating in discussion as if in a dream. Was it worth it? um, yeah. I have to keep telling myself that as my pile of reading lies untouched.

Some other news, is I am no longer unemployed! (well, technically I am because paperwork has not been processed yet. So technicalities aside) I have a job! I will be the assistant student coordinator for the Academic Tutoring and Mentorship Program, which connects incoming first generation low income college students with upper division mentors and tutors. The program is still very new, so I will get to contribute to the development of the program, collaborate with the coordinator, set up classes and groups, assist with recruiting and matching students, and other duties of sorts. I am pretty excited as this is not some menial office job where I would be filling and shredding papers all day. I actually get to contribute my insight and opinions to an important cause, and one that I value. So, cheers to that. Oh wait, I am not drinking anymore.

Michael Pollan graced us with his presence in class on Tuesday evening. And now, we are engaged. Kidding. Peter Sellars discussed the future of the food movement from an artist perspective, so he was slightly idealistic in his views but emphasized and important point which I often forget and that is to do whatever makes you happy. Yeah, it sounds rather easy and lame, but I am prone to doing things I feel should be done, and shoulding all over myself and that is not a pretty sight. Mr. Pollan brought the discussion back to reality, basically saying there are no concrete answers to the local food movement. And that related to my food and environment class where everything seems so interlinked that there are no plausible solutions because of this massive network we call globalization. In conclusion, do whatever makes you happy and that will make others happy. And support small farms. But if you are poor and have no money…well…no solution there yet, and you get sucked back into commercial and industrial food. The intersection of poverty and the food movement is the area of sociology I want to focus on, I think.

And so I got the guts to introduce myself to one of my hot shot sociology superstar professors today who has done extensive research in the field of low income neighborhoods, spending 9 years on an ethnography in 5 neighborhoods through LA and NY. Yup, I waltzed right up to him, introduced myself, told him I would love to chat, but unfortunately I have class during his office hours. So he told me to email him, and we can chat next week when he gets back because he is going out of town.

On that note, I should go back to being a responsible student, whatever that means.


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