its a race!

First full week of classes has officially ended. whew. I feel like I am constantly running and going and the finish line keeps moving further and further away (I mean, I haven’t even had time to kill on facebook, ohmygoodnessgasp) I’m like a *cute* little mouse stuck on a wheel that just keeps going and going with activities and things to get done and…LOADS of reading. Its not even satisfying to finish one chapter because 5 more await me. But I have learned, I am more productive at 6:30am than 11:00 at night.

Berkeley is a really fun area to live in. Street life, cafes, farmers markets (which as a poor student I can no longer afford to shop at), crazy people, and beautiful people. As of now, biking everywhere is pretty amazing, but ask me when it gets more wintery and my answer may change. One unfortunate fact is that neither my arms nor my legs has seen the light of day since I moved here because its rather cold. *insert sob here* I feel as though my vitamin D stores being depleted as I type.

I had to go to the post office today, so being smart I looked up locations online. Not being smart, I failed to notice the location I selected was for PO boxes only. So I park my bike and meander into a rather intimidating building, and follow the arrows pointing to the “post office annex”. At the top of the landing was a rather nice smelling room, like fresh paper and stickers, with rows upon rows of PO boxes. Still thinking the clerks were just around the corner, I continue moseying through the hallways…but its oddly quiet, minus the sound of my huffing and puffing from all the stairs. Upon reaching a door that says “no entry” I figured turning around would be the proper course of action. Thats when I realized the “post office annex” was just that…an annex…and I still have not found the actual office. Sad day.

On the bright side, I mailed my package elsewhere.

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