last day of summer and a funny story

classes start in the AM, making this my last few hours of summer break. I am mildly freaked out. I mean, classes have not even started and there is already so much to do. But then again, once I settle into a schedule of sorts it will be a lot less stressful then right now when I am still putting things together and figuring out how Berkeley operates.

on another note, here is a funny story for you to laugh at.

I have not even begun any real cooking and already managed to clog the kitchen sink requiring mass amounts of some awful smelling drain de-clogger.

I was making a lovely pot of oatmeal for breakfast, and wanted to put some cinnamon inside while it was still cooking. So I grab the bottle and shake it over the oatmeal, only to discover I grabbed the curry powder instead. I would like to note, at this point, that the curry powder comes out of a gaping hole, not cute little ones like the cinnamon. Being smart, and not knowing we did not have a garbage disposal, I proceed to pour the oatmeal, curry and all, into my kitchen sink and wash the pot so I can start over. Here, I ran into a problem when the water was not draining. Not at all.

So I had to run (read, walk) to the hardware store and buy some drain de-clogger. I did, and fiddled with it for a bit, managing to create a frothy smelling mess in the sink. It was like chemistry lab.

The good news is that my sink works fine now. The bad news is that I was slightly traumatized by the even and pouring anything down my sink has me holding my breath that it works.

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