last day of summer and a funny story

classes start in the AM, making this my last few hours of summer break. I am mildly freaked out. I mean, classes have not even started and there is already so much to do. But then again, once I settle into a schedule of sorts it will be a lot less stressful then right now when I am still putting things together and figuring out how Berkeley operates.

on another note, here is a funny story for you to laugh at.

I have not even begun any real cooking and already managed to clog the kitchen sink requiring mass amounts of some awful smelling drain de-clogger.

I was making a lovely pot of oatmeal for breakfast, and wanted to put some cinnamon inside while it was still cooking. So I grab the bottle and shake it over the oatmeal, only to discover I grabbed the curry powder instead. I would like to note, at this point, that the curry powder comes out of a gaping hole, not cute little ones like the cinnamon. Being smart, and not knowing we did not have a garbage disposal, I proceed to pour the oatmeal, curry and all, into my kitchen sink and wash the pot so I can start over. Here, I ran into a problem when the water was not draining. Not at all.

So I had to run (read, walk) to the hardware store and buy some drain de-clogger. I did, and fiddled with it for a bit, managing to create a frothy smelling mess in the sink. It was like chemistry lab.

The good news is that my sink works fine now. The bad news is that I was slightly traumatized by the even and pouring anything down my sink has me holding my breath that it works.


greetings from berkeley

I am alive and well and very much still kicking in berkeley. the past two days have been a flurry of unpacking and organizing and cleaning, combined with bouts of shopping, which consists of my mom putting every other item she sees in the cart, and me putting it back on the shelf. shouldn’t it be the other way around?

My room is almost all set up, minus hanging some pictures and buying a desk. that would be important, seeing as I am here for school after all. buying a desk is part of the plan for tomorrow and saturday, crossing my fingers to find an awesome one at goodwill or a yard sale. Ikea catalog room I do not want.

I am rather excited and a little nervous about being car less in a few days. I got my bus pass, but accidentally walked home from campus because I was looking for food and ended up at my doorstep before I found something to eat. but then I got a pretty awesome burrito from the taqueria a block away from my house. I am eager to find a bike, and yes crossing my fingers to find an awesome one at recycle bicycle tomorrow.

Lets see how well I am able to maintain a blog narrating my adventures as a student at Berkeley. I have never consistently done this before, and I thought I would try, you know, blogging, with all the spare time I am going to have. Pictures soon.